Saturday, 15 September 2012

For Immediate Release: Thank You Thank You

This is a message that is being sent out to everyone and anyone that has helped me along the way to achieving personal goals that i've set out for myself. I believe that a lot of people have given me more than my fair share of  support and for that I want you to know i'm always thankful. You can rest assured that I will always remember my grass roots and where I came from. This is a very reflective time for me as i'm 7 weeks out from my 2nd UFE Pro Show and about to undertake a major career change at the same time. To my sponsor Sweat Collection thank you for standing tall beside me and giving me the visibility throughout your networks and always being that open ear for encouragement. Jason Green, my training and one of my best friends, you'll forever be remembered as the guy that took a kid with a dream and turned him into a man with a swagger. Nutrition Club Canada, thank you for believing in me and giving me the opportunity to make a positive career move that will be an exciting one. My Family and friends, you mean the world to me and the kind words, messages, texts, and posts are always taken to heart. Thank you to everyone that has read one of my posts, blogs, or viewed a video.

Moving forward towards the Pro Show on November 10th I might be a little bit more quite on the social networks but please know that i'm putting in the work needed to become successful. I'll rise up and deliver my very best package come showtime.

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