Friday, 24 August 2012

Basic Supplements For Muscle Building

Having the basic principles covered when it comes to supplementation is important to promote maximum muscle building potential. You stimulate your muscles in the gym and you grow outside of the gym. The products that I recommend people start with are products that will help you recover quicker so that you can get back in the gym and hit it hard again with the most amount of effort. You really should never go without these 4 basic products in your diet.

#1) Sport Specific Multivitamin 
A vitamin pack designed for athletes is the very first thing that you should include in your diet as it will generate energy for you and get your going on the right path towards achieving your daily recommended intake of most vitamins and minerals. As an athlete you require more than your average person so taking an advanced package is a must.

#2) Quality Whey Protein
A quality whey protein like ISO XP will dramatically help your body during protein synthesis to repair your muscles after you damage them during your workouts. Keep that in mind as protein helps repair muscles, not increase the size of them as most people think. As a general rule of thumb if you are looking to build muscle you should be aiming to consume 1-1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight per day. Supplementation will help bring you up to that level after consuming real foods. Note protein should compliment your diet in terms of protein consumption not replace real food.

#3) Greens Product
Greens products are important because they are a potent formula of natural fruits and vegetables that are high in vitamins & minerals. These products are designs to detoxify the body and keep you in an alkaline state. If the body is acidic it cannot build muscle, so keeping it in an alkaline state is important. Another way you can do this is to drink plenty of water daily.

#4) BCAA
BCAA products are the basic building blocks of muscles and will drastically improve your recover time. Having an abundance of BCAA's in your system will prevent muscle breakdown and keep you anabolic (muscle building state).

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