Friday, 24 August 2012

Something to be said about "Just Doing It"

I pride myself on being able to offer advice to people from the experiences that i've had during my fitness journey. I don't know the most about training techniques or nutritional optimization, but what I can say is that i'm doing it. It's not always about how many milligrams of this and how many grams of another thing that will make you into a bodybuilder or fitness model. Doing the little things day in and day out is what will get you to the stage. Cooking your meals, washing the dishes, doing cardio, lifting weights, and even drinking water. Those are all the little things that you need to do daily in order to get you to the stage to show off all your hard work. There really is no need to micro-manage every aspect of your plan and get it perfect if you never put it into action. Simply JUST DOING IT and figuring it out along the way will get you that much closer to where you want to be. Each day that you wait is a day longer that it'll take you to be where you want to be. Believe in what you are doing because it's your love and passion. Day after day of doing what you love will yield incredible results greater than your current dreams. It'll all work itself out as long as you are doing the actions needed.

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