Monday, 9 July 2012

Hanging Leg Raises With A Twist

In the fitness world it's widely known that hanging leg raises are one of the best exercises for developing the lower abdominal area. Now it's time to put a twist on the time-tested staple in a lot of peoples ab routine to develop and create deeper cuts in your obliques. By incorporating a twist to both sides you'll notice that it still work your abs but really focuses on your obliques. Make sure to take this exercise slow and really control your lower body throughout the movement stopping all momentum. Pause and squeeze at the top for a quick 3 count.

When hanging you'll want to lift your legs to one side, return to the starting position, followed by lifting your legs to the other side. You'll be alternating sides as you strive to hit a rep range of 10-15 raises on both sides. I recommend doing 3-4 sets depending on your fitness level. Doing this exercise early in your ab workout will also improve your ability to do it properly and eliminate the swinging that people like to do in order to make the exercise easier. The body is smart and it'll find a way to compensate, so keep the form correct for maximum obliques contraction.

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