Thursday 5 November 2015

Meal Prep Made Easy With Training Day Cafe

With everything, a well thought out and planned meal prep will ensure that you are successful when it comes to dieting. Today we have many options that will allow us to be successful as long as we dedicate a small amount of time towards making the right choices when it comes to the food that we eat. If you are one of the people that simply don't have time to cook and often make excuses as to why you can't eat healthy, a meal prep company could be right for you. My personal meal prep company of choice is Training Day Cafe. They are located in Surrey.BC and serve the lower mainland in BC with outlets in Maple Ridge as well as Abbotsford. With a wide range of option to choose from, Am and the staff will custom make your meals to fit your goals. Here is how the process will look.

Step 1: Log on to the Training Day Cafe website

Under the menu tab located at the top of the page you'll find the meal prep section. Once you click on that link, you'll see all the featured meals as well as options to customize each meal. Simply select the meals and the portion sizes that you'd like and write them in an email.

At this current time, you must email the team your email and they will confirm with you the price and let you know about pick up times.

Step 2: Pick up meals from one of their pickup locations 

Picking up your meals are easy and fun! Your meals will be ready for pick up on arrival and waiting in the fridge with your name on it. This is going to make it super easy for a quick in and quick out trip that will safe you time.

Step 3: Take out of the fridge and enjoy a well balanced diet

Custom meals comes in a microwavable safe container and it's as simple as taking it out of the fridge, heating it up in the microwave if you desire, and enjoying. Simply recycle the container once you are finished without having any dishes to clean.

Wednesday 6 May 2015

Constant Never Ending Improvement

Everyday i strive for constant never ending improvement! It's a mindset that separates me from a lot of others in this industry because i look at it as a lifestyle and way of life for the next 20-30 years. Too many people go crazy always looking at the short term and often burnout or get down on themselves because they don't see the desired results instantly. Nothing worse than stopping before you give yourself a chance to receive the fruit of your labour. In health, fitness, business, or life in general, each day that you can take baby steps to move closer to your goals will allow you to get going. This will also allow you to compound those small daily actions into big steps over the course or a month, 3 months, and a year.

I was told years ago that it takes 10,000 hours of practise at something to become an expert at it. This is truly buying your time and learning each step of the way. As you amount the hours, you'll find that you become more aware and understanding of the big picture. It's really about a lifestyle as i go back to it, those things daily that keep you mentally focused and allow you to make positive changes in your life! No matter what it is that you want to do, keep that direction with razor focus. Constant never ending improvement is the mind frame you must have!

Wednesday 8 April 2015

X2X Hardcore X Skull T-shirt!

The new X2X Training Gear T-shirt is my favourite t-shirt made to date by X2X Training gear. Get muscle and look good doing it is a motto that i like to live by when training in the gym. Take a look at the entire clothing line of X2X Training Gear at the Canadian Exclusive site.

Tuesday 7 April 2015

Barbell Shrugs For Mass

Do you train traps with your back or shoulders? The answer to that question is BOTH! Most people think that you have 2 types of shrugs (front & back) but they fail to realize that you can do shrugs in 2 completely different ways to target the muscle and build mass. The standard front barbell shrug is a great exercise for building mass because it allows you to take on a fairly heavy weight load and get a good contraction. The motion is an easy one for most because it's straight up and down and you are simply trying to touch your ears with your shoulders. Adding this style of shrug to your shoulder workout is best and will give you that burning feeling that you desire to round out your shoulder routine. Hitting out 3-4 sets of 15-20 reps will have the traps full of blood and feeling great.

The other version that i'm talking about is achieved by laying on an inclined bench facing downwards. You'll be pulling up high to the ceiling which will open up your traps to the back giving you more mass. When laying with your chest against inclined bench, let the dumbbells hang towards the ground, contracting your traps back and up to the ceiling will allow you to activate them properly. This is a very short range of motion and should be completed controlled so that you are feeling the muscle work throughout the entire range. Hitting this style is best coupled with back day and will help you width & mass to your traps!

Sunday 5 April 2015

Gym Motivation -Change your thinking, change your body!

If you are reading this post i'm certain that you have decided to make a change in your life for the better and want to get motivated to become the best YOU that you can be. Each person looks at health & wellness in a different way and we all have different motivations for exercising. Whatever your reasons and goals are keep in mind that you have the power within you to shape your life accordingly.

How can changing the way i think change my body? When you think about your body and mind as 2 separate units living within the same frame you'll be able to first grasp this concept. The mind is the driving force that tells the body what to do. The body responds to everything that the mind tells it to do. The only way that the body will change is by the actions of the brain to tell it to change. We simply are how we think. It you tell yourself that you are capable of achieving a certain task or goal, the body will react to be able to success conquer it. How you think ultimately becomes the single most important thing you should focus on when attempting to change your current state. First you must believe it before you can achieve it.

A good friend of mine set out to change his life, he was 300+ pounds and badly out of shape. He decided that he wanted to be a fighter or warrior and he took that mentality from the beginning. At 300 pounds he thought he was an elite fighting warrior capable of fighting the best fighters in the word. It didn't matter to him that he wasn't the quickest or most built fighter, he had the heart and the mindset to overcome those odds. Day in and day out he told him self that and over time his body had no choice but to adapt to the thought of the mind. Without even thinking about it, he began to drop pounds and build muscle. His body was reacting to the mind of becoming elite and the changes started to happen. He was training like and elite athlete, eating like and elite athlete, so all things being in place in the mind focused the body to change. Today he is in the low 200's and full of energy. Still thinking 45 years old that he's elite allows him to look and work like he is.

Thursday 2 April 2015

Back To Basics For A Bigger Back

One of the biggest mistakes I see people make during back exercises is that they aren't activating their back muscles at all. With improper form you'll be able to get a great biceps and traps workout but unfortunately that isn't the point of the workout. First of all think of your arms simply as hanger or hooks used to simply hold onto the weight. All of the tension and focus (mind-to-muscle-connection) should be placed on the particular part of the back that you are trying to target. Exercises such as chin up, lat pull downs, and rows, are great exercises to target your traps and the more tension you can place on them the more they will grow. For any muscle group to be activated and grow, you'll need need to place as much targeted tension on that particular muscle group to stretch and breakdown the muscle fibres.

A simple tip that i've learned for training back is to focus on opening and closing your scapula. The scapula is a floating bones that is attached by muscle tissue. Focusing on opening and closing it will allow you to work through the entire range of motion at any angle of a row or pull that you do.

Another great tip is to slow down.. it's not a race but rather a marathon to put as much tension on the working muscle. Slow down reps and focus on the contraction by squeezing as hard as you can in the shortened portion of the lift. By doing so you'll activate more muscle fibres which will lead to more growth.

Sample Back Workout That I Do.

Warmup: Wide grip Lat Pulldowns x 20 superset with x20 close grip Lat Pull downs (Repeat 3 Times)

Wide Grip Chin ups 3x10-12 reps
Closer Grip Chin Ups 2 x failure
Wide Grip Cable Row 3x 12-15 reps
High Elbow Rope Pull to Face (Same machine as cable row with a cable attachment) 3x12
Hammer Strength Row 3x10 reps
Upright Rows 3x8-10 reps
Deadlifts 1x15 3x8-10 reps
Body weight back extension 3 x failure

For more information and exciting tips please check out my personal website and get jacked!

Wednesday 1 April 2015

X2X Army Stringer Now In Canada

From the very moment that I seen this X2X Army Stringer I instantly wanted it! By far the best stringer tank i've seen to date and can't wait for each time it comes out of the wash to wear it again. Printed on the front and back, you'll be looking flashing from all sides as you show off your hard earned gains in the gym. Check out the X2X Canada site for more details about this awesome stringer tank.