Sunday, 1 April 2012

Confessions of An Underwear Model

When i started out in modeling it was always one of my goals to be able to be the face of an underwear company. It was something that I wanted long before I was even old enough to purchase underwear for myself. I guess the desire stems from having the confidence and ability to be put yourself out there with nothing but a pair of underwear on and shine. You can't hide, the world can see everything that you have and it's a feeling that most people could never understand. It's your moment, 99% of the population could never do it, but for some reason i was blessed with the ability to just go and make things happen. No fear, no nerves, I just tell the world here's me! When you see me in public i'm just a normal guy that you'd think was in shape and goes to the gym often, but in reality when i'm in a pair of underwear it all of a sudden becomes different. There are thousands of great bodies and pretty faces in the world, but to be able to be a successful underwear model you need much more than just the look. You need to have the confidence, skills, and of course -the body, to pull it all together on short notice.

Before I became connected with Sweat Collection and their underwear line, i did a number of other underwear related gigs and most often than not you are given 5 to 7 days notice before the shoot day. This doesn't give you a lot of notice to prepare for a shoot if you're not in shape. Plus underwear modeling is so much more than standing in front of the camera. I've done runway in underwear, promotions, live events, as well as broadcasted television shows. With people seeing you from all around all the time, you must be on and stay on for prolonged periods of time. It's not just look good for 2 seconds when i take your picture. 

Another important attribute of being a model is to truly live and breath the part. Photography is an amazing thing in a sense that it captures so much more than just the image being shown, it captures emotion, it captures the events that are going on in your life. The only way you can become a truly good talent is to be full calm with yourself in all ares of your life. There's no faking it or trying to be someone else, like i said, it's you in underwear and that's all. It also takes a unique personality, a confidence, a swagger to be able to make it genuine but not cocky. There's a difference and when working with the people on the set it makes a huge difference if you'll get called back for a future job.

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