Sunday, 5 April 2015

Gym Motivation -Change your thinking, change your body!

If you are reading this post i'm certain that you have decided to make a change in your life for the better and want to get motivated to become the best YOU that you can be. Each person looks at health & wellness in a different way and we all have different motivations for exercising. Whatever your reasons and goals are keep in mind that you have the power within you to shape your life accordingly.

How can changing the way i think change my body? When you think about your body and mind as 2 separate units living within the same frame you'll be able to first grasp this concept. The mind is the driving force that tells the body what to do. The body responds to everything that the mind tells it to do. The only way that the body will change is by the actions of the brain to tell it to change. We simply are how we think. It you tell yourself that you are capable of achieving a certain task or goal, the body will react to be able to success conquer it. How you think ultimately becomes the single most important thing you should focus on when attempting to change your current state. First you must believe it before you can achieve it.

A good friend of mine set out to change his life, he was 300+ pounds and badly out of shape. He decided that he wanted to be a fighter or warrior and he took that mentality from the beginning. At 300 pounds he thought he was an elite fighting warrior capable of fighting the best fighters in the word. It didn't matter to him that he wasn't the quickest or most built fighter, he had the heart and the mindset to overcome those odds. Day in and day out he told him self that and over time his body had no choice but to adapt to the thought of the mind. Without even thinking about it, he began to drop pounds and build muscle. His body was reacting to the mind of becoming elite and the changes started to happen. He was training like and elite athlete, eating like and elite athlete, so all things being in place in the mind focused the body to change. Today he is in the low 200's and full of energy. Still thinking 45 years old that he's elite allows him to look and work like he is.

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