Sunday, 16 September 2012

Are you Starting the Day off Right?

As an adult i hope it's safe to say that you are taking a multivitamin... right? If not, i can't even begin to think about where to start in order to tell you all the benefits to taking one first thing in the morning. Not only does is regulate your body and promote overall good health, but it increases energy and allows your body to better utilize all the food that you ingest. In this day and age you can find many vitamin packs on the market that take care of everything you'll need in a one-a-day package. These are great because they take the guess work out of mix and matching products if you don't have the basic knowledge. You'll pay a little bit more but it's still worth it to do so in the end with it being around $1 a day. It's important to get all of your essential vitamins and minerals with a health dosage of omega fats. If you eat clean, likely you need to supplement your diet with an omega 3-6-9 in the morning to your daily recommended intake. If you don't eat so clean, you'd want to choose an omega 3 capsule because you'll be getting enough omega 6-9 from food. Omega 3 is the most important omega to obtain from supplementation because with the modification of food today it's almost eliminated the naturally occurring omega 3 within the foods. Of course with the exception of fish, but even farmed fish don't have the same level of omega 3 as the fresh wild fish. Another additive that I like to include with my morning vitamins is some form of liver detoxifier. Live care is important and the most common form of supplement is milk thistle.

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