Friday, 15 June 2012

Standing Shoulder Press For Muscle Explosion

The standing shoulder press is a great way to build explosive power through the movement of pushing the bar away from your body. This is the same movement that you'd be doing as if you are throwing a punch and is a great way to build power behind your punch to be able to do more damage to your competitor. The movement is done with a relatively light weight that will allow you to snap out and back under control in a rep range of 20-25 per arm.

The Set Up: Place an olympic bar in the corner of a room, the other end place a weigh and clamp it down.

Starting Position: Pick up the bar in one hand and rest it in a comfortable position just in front of your shoulder. You will want to have a shoulder width apart stance with a tight core.

The Movement: You will make sure that your body is in a tight secure position and press the bar away from you in a control fashion. Take twice the time to return it to the starting position. Note that you should do each side back to back without any rest in between.

Repeat: 3 Sets each arm in the rep range of 20-25

Not only will this strengthen your shoulder and triceps, but also your core muscle group as it will stabilize you throughout the movement.

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