Thursday, 14 June 2012

Gunning For Pro Show Success

If you've followed my journey this year you'll know that i've decided to change almost everything that I did in terms of my training to improve on my fall 2011 competitions. I had a great run up the ranks in my first season as a fitness model and captured the Fitness Canada Title and later going on to become a UFE Pro Fitness Model. I'm proud to have been able to compete with the Pro's in the UFE but i know that if I wanted to compete for the top spot that i'd need to make major changes. Placing 5th was a disappointment to me and i started back in the gym 2 days later trying to build upon what I just accomplished.

Fast forward to June 2012 with my first full off season under my belt I can say that everything i've done for the past 6 months has already shown and major changes have taken place. My chest is considerably larger, my arms are much more full and defined, and the overall "X" factor is much more prominent. They told me that I needed to put on more size to compete with the top guys and that i've done. Almost 20 pounds up from show weight and to be honest 10-12 of that weight is muscle. I slowly put on 1-2 pounds a month over the last 6 months and its showing. The place i'm at now compared to last year at this time is a positive step, so much leaner and in better overall shape. This cut leading into the pro show will be a breeze as it's something i've already done.

The next 4 weeks will be an important time for me as I strive to continue to make gains and lean out a bit before I entire full contest prep. Each day I see myself getting leaner and it inspires me to push even harder. This truly is my life and I thank you for taking an interest in it as I will certainly not disappoint you.

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