Friday, 15 June 2012

Healthy Weekend Grilling "Mushroom Burger"

If you are going to have a cook out on the weekend you should consider this low carb option that will keep you fit and lean. It's a mushroom bun burger topped with spinach, mustard, and sugar free ketchup. The side dish for the current meal is sweet potato fries that I roasted and placed seasoning on.

The Healthy Burger: Grilling the beef burger to a well cooked temperature is a must, once this is underway, you can place large mushrooms on the grill and allow them to soften. This will enhance the flavour and bring out the juices. Top with your favourite toppings and you have a burger that's better than any fast food restaurants burger.

This is a low carb option and great for eating later in the evening when you don't need the extra carbs as you are preparing to rest and sleep for the night.

The Side: Sweet Potato fries are both flavourful and nutrius for you. I simply cut them into fry shaped pieces and roasted them for 30 minutes. Once finished I sprinkled Club House One Step Seasoning on it to give it a little kick.

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