Saturday, 16 June 2012

Healthy Alternative To Ice Cream "Protein Pudding"

It's often said that it's not always whats in the junk food we eat but often whats not in the junk food we eat. The idea of eating total garbage that your body can't do anything with but store it as fat is something you want to try and stay away from. Simple carbs mixed with fats is the perfect ingredient for gaining weight because your body signals to store it as fat. What if you could have healthy junk food that not only tastes amazing and satisfies your cravings, but also has quality properties that your body can true around and use as a muscle building aid?

Here's a solution -Protein pudding is a very simple and cheap way to have the treat that you want and satisfy the muscle building properties at the same time. Mix 2 scoops of protein powder into 500 ML of water and shake. Once it's together pour into a mixing bowl and slowly add the pudding powder and mix with a whisk for 3 minutes. You'll notice that the mixture will be smooth and start to firm up, place in the fridge to chill it until you are ready to consume. This will provide you with a low calorie option for a treat and give you 40-50 grams of protein depending on your protein powder.

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