Friday, 25 May 2012

How To Get A Beach Body In 6 Weeks (Part 1)

Have you still put off working on your beach body? It might be your lucky day because you still have time to get that beach body back that will have you strutting your stuff like your the talk of the town. You honestly can do it in 6 weeks if you put your mind to it and give yourself everything that you need to succeed. I'm not telling you it's going to be easy, but i'm saying that you'll thank me when you are brushing your feet in the sand with a pair of shorts on.

Cardiovascular Exercise
You'll need to up your cardiovascular up by a considerable amount if you want to lose weight and have your abs visible. Morning cardio is the best because you kick start your metabolism and get it running for the rest of the day. Since you've waited so long to get into shape, you'll need to take drastic measures to make up for it. I suggest that you do a 5 KM morning run every weekday morning. This will take you 20-30 minutes so you better set your alarm a little bit earlier.

Weight Training 
This is going to be an important part to your plan as you'll want to set the right tempo to trim and tone your body into shape through a variety of high intensity exercises. Keep in mind that you want to get your heart rate pumping and keep in pumping, this means you'll need to cut back on the rest times in between sets. 30-45 seconds is all that you'll need for rest on single exercises. For superset set or tri-set exercises you'll need 60-90 seconds rest before hitting it again. Below is a sample lower body workout that you can do that will get you going in the right direction in terms of workload and tempo. Keep in mind that you should be hitting the gym at least 4 days a week for weight training at this point.

Lower Body Workout
Warmup: 10 Minutes cardio machine of choice

Working Load
Leg Extension 3 X 10 Reps
Leg Curls 3 x 10 Reps
Walking Lunges Full length of the Gym and Back (Dumbbells in hand)  3 Sets

Squat x 10 plus Deadlift x 10 3 Sets Total

Pulse Split Legged Squat x 10 with Wall Squat (45-60 Seconds) 3 Sets

Leg Press x 20 with Leg Press Calf Raises x 10 (Same Weight) 3 Sets

Single Leg Standing Body Weight Calf Raises 3 x 15 back to back no rest

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