Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Balancing Your Physique For Eye Catching Results

Whenever you look at a physique you want to see balance, you want to see that each muscle is in relative proportion to the next so that you have a complete physique. It's nice to have a big chest or big arms, but if you don't have great abs or nice legs to go with it, it takes away from your entire image. The first thing you have to do is look at yourself in the mirror and see how you look. See the weak body parts and areas that you want to bring up, those are going to be key as you strive to obtain a complete physique. It doesn't hurt to have someone else that can give you honest feedback to look at your body as well, i'd suggest someone that isn't close to you and someone that is indifferent in their opinion. Once you've evaluated the areas that you want to improve, make sure you hit them on the first training day of the week, this way you've had time to rest and will be at your finest for the lifts. The extra energy and focus will allow you to maximize the results as you stimulate the body part. With placing it in your first training session, you'll be able to come back on Wednesday or Thursday and hit that same muscle group a second time. If you are a natural athlete, protein synthesis stops after 48 hours of stimulation to a particular muscle, this means that it will no longer grow after 48 hours of working it out. So by hitting it twice a week, you'll be able to capitalize on additional growth opportunities that you wouldn't have realized if you only targeted it once.  

Trust me when I say that we all have areas of improvement, if you think you don't, you need to take your ego out of your brain and step on it. It'll only hold you back as the best athletes in the world have areas to improve upon. I'm not saying that you have to be a bodybuilder or a fitness model to get eye catching glares at the beach, but if you want to get the looks like one, i'd suggest that you look for balance in your body. A great set of abs will only get you so far, so if you want the whole thing you need to have the entire body to impress. Think about it for a second.... You don't make love to someone with only your shirt off. You are completely naked so if you want a second call, i'd suggest you bring the entire package.. Unless you are like my buddy T. Mills who enjoys having fun with his Vans On (Shoes) lol this song is about having intercourse with your shoes on.. so funny and it's worth a listen

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