Sunday, 29 January 2012

Guide to Eating in Restaurants

Whenever you are faced with the challenge of eating out for a meal it's very difficult to spot the healthy options on a menu if you don't know what you're looking for. Luckily mainstream restaurants are finally getting on board with "Fit Fare" or "Lifestyle" menus that are health focused. These often will state the calories, fats, carbohydrates, and proteins that are in each dish. Bob Evens and Denny's are two American Classics that have got on board with this concept by offering things like grilled chicken breast and salmon with steamed vegetables for lunch and dinner as well as oatmeal and vegetable omelets for breakfast. If you can't make it to a restaurant that has clued into healthy options, here are some things that you can do to make them healthy.

Ask how the dish is prepared -Grilled, steamed, and baked are the best options. Avoid anything that is deep fried or even pan fried (Most likely fried with oil and/or butter)

Start your meal off with a salad -Chances are you wont eat as much of the main course and sides this way.

Ask for dressings on the side -This way you can control how much sauces, creams, butters, ext are being placed on your food. Get it on the side and if you see it's loaded with fats simply don't use it at all.

Watch your portion size -Often meals at restaurants are larger than normal meals that you'd eat (So don't eat it all). Ask for a container at the start and put half of it to go so that you're not tempted to eat it all.

Learn the Restaurant Wording -Avoid dishes with these words, "Crispy", "dipped", "gratin", "alfredo",  "scalloped".

Pick Leaner Cuts of Meat - Chicken, Turkey, Flank Steak, filet mignon are all quality options

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