Saturday, 28 January 2012

Travel Like A Pro

This Post was inspired by the air travel that I have been doing across the Mid-Western United States as well as the Sweat owners Ron and Tal's trip to Palm Springs. With air travel today, it's almost like you are treated as if you are a farm animal. You are stripped of your rights as humans, told what you can't bring, must take your shoes, jackets, hats off, get body scanned, ext.

If you want to take back what you can and stay on your diet and fitness routine when traveling, here's some tips to help you out.

Tip #1 -Pack meals ahead. You aren't allowed to travel with liquids, but food is perfectly fine! Pack chicken breast and vegetables, chicken breast and sweet potatoes, stir-fry, salads, and fruits. These can all fit into small containers and you'll have everyone desiring your food when you are miles in the air and they don't serve meals on your flight.

Tip #2 -Collect Sample packs. Go to your local nutrition store and ask for sample packs, collect them from trade shows or if you see demo reps. Keep these for your travels, anything from single serving protein powders to pre-workout samples. These will keep your body fueled for the trip and are small to transport in a carry on.

Tip #3 - Bring a Protein Shaker Cup. This can be used to get water out of the water fountain once you pass security and it'll save you from paying $3 a bottle. Also works good for mixing your protein shakes and supplements that you'll need anyways.     

Tip #4 - Go Low Carb. You'll be sitting around all day not burning many calories, it's best to keep things light on the carbs to stay trim. Walk like a pro too if you want. The walkways are always long and you can get a good amount of walking in as you venture around the airport.

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