Tuesday, 13 December 2011

A Team Trumps An Individual

The sport of bodybuilding and physique training can be seen as the most individual sport in the world. It's you in a pair of shorts showing the world the  hard work and dedication that you put in. Being able to show your personality and come across as if you are "The Shit" is so important and for a followers that don't understand the industry, they'd think that these are the most cocky, self-centered people on this planet. That all seems so funny to me and i'm sure that most of you reading this can understand, but it takes an entire support team and many individuals to make you look your best come show day. You need to have your significant other or friends and family that support you and encourage you to follow your dreams, a trainer that will push you, training partners that will help you train, people to do your tan, hair, makeup, ext. It's truly a team philosophy that will make or break someone in this industry. I must say that you should always surround yourself with the very best people you can as it will increase your chances of obtaining your dreams. Pay for the best trainer in your area, get the pros in each area to show you the way, check your ego at the door and let others help you. As a member of Team Green i've learned that the power of a team will overtake everything else. These members are so supportive, commenting on facebook, pushing you in the gym, showing up at shows to help you prep and yell your name and number when you walk out. Having these people believe in you makes all the difference and takes your confidence level to new highest. My trainer is amazing and is so dedicated to his athletes, but it's the team as a whole that help each other get to where they want to be. Here is a 2011 Team Shot that was taken by Glen Grant on December 10, 2011

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