Sunday, 11 December 2011

Off Season Training Leads to Biggest Gains

An off season training period is very important for anyone wanting to build and change upon their previous performance on stage. This time isn't something you should take lightly or for advantage and just do whatever you feel like. Being focused and dedicated with a plan will allow you to make the needed changes and boost your chance of placing better the next time you hit the stage. If you aren't a physique competitor, you can still apply this principle to whatever physical sport you play at a competitive level. If it's hockey, the summer is the time to add muscle and speed before you hit training camp (Same for football).

My personal off season hasn't officially started yet, but i've been able to make great gains this past month since i last stepped off the UFE North American Championship Stage. I'm up approximately 15 pounds and have filled out nicely. Here's a preview from a fitness photo shoot that i did on December 10, 2011.

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