Saturday, 25 May 2013

Welcome Back My Friends

It's good to be back! the plan is to start back with my blog on a regular basis to help spread the word of good health and fitness to everyone that is interested in improving themselves. I know it's been months since my last post but i hope you can forgive me as i've gone through a revolution in my life that has seen me make drastic changes to all aspects of my life.

For starters, I moved from Toronto, Ontario Canada to Vancouver, British Columbia Canada in October to take a position as a territory manager for a sports supplement distribution company. It was an incredible opportunity for career advancement in the field that I loved and it was something that i needed to do. Now i'm representing brands such as Cytosport, Vitargo, Xyience, Promax, Pure Bar, Kaizen, MRI, and Grenade to name a few.

With this move taking place in the middle of my contest prep it was very difficult as i was traveling 4000 miles across the country in my car with 2 coolers full of food. Everything that i needed to do in order to learn a new city and start a new job took a lot of my time.

The contest came in November and i didn't do as well as I was hoping. It took a bit of time for me to understand what happen and made me think a lot about what i was doing in the fitness industry. Many dark nights happened and a lot of thinking went into my decision to continue pushing forward. During that time i got away from this blog because it wasn't fun anymore. I needed the time to focus on what i needed to do and get my shit together. Planning was everything and being able to get that plan going with a healthy balance in my life was a big step that took months for me.

Now i'm sitting here middle of May and i've finally got back to feeling better about myself and my life balance to be able to start blogging again. If you want me to touch on certain tops please email me at sweatwithcorey @ aol . com

Photo Credit: Gerald Blanchard

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