Monday, 10 September 2012

Product You Just Can't Live Without

With so many products on the market today, how do you ever decide what you need and what you don't? I put together this short list of products that I wouldn't go a day without using.

1. ISO XP (Chocolate) - A great source of quality protein, 50 grams per scoop. 

2. CytoSport L-Glutamine  - Most abundant amino acid found in the body and you can't overdue it. I try to hit 20 grams a day across 4 servings. 

3. CytoSport Monster Amino - Basic building blocks of muscles that will allow you to recover quicker. Also helps to keep you anabolic and preserve muscle. 

4. Revolution Omega 3 Fish Oil  - 3 times a day with loads of health benefits as an athlete.

5. Animal Pak - Best Vitamin Pak on the market for serious lifters.

Now you have the 5 basic products you shouldn't go a day without. 

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