Thursday, 16 August 2012

The Best Tips For Male Body Grooming

In todays day and age it's an epidemic of hairless people running around all the time. The days of big chest hair and hairy legs have since been long gone and i'm part of that trend. For me the feeling of freshly shaved skin feels so much better and it naturally shows in my confidence. As a fitness model i'm required to be hairless for all fitness/commercial shoots. Here are some tips that i've learned along the way to avoid red bumps and ingrown hairs. 

Before You Shave
Take a warm shower prior to shaving and scrub your entire body with a moisturizing body wash. This is done for 3 reason: 
1) So that the hair is clean and will not impede the razor when it's dragged across it. 
2) Moisturizes the skin so that it doesn't dry out as easy and get irritated 
3) To clean off any bacteria that might be on the body that could cause an infection if you cut yourself

During The Shaving Process
In the market place today you can honest purchase a ton of garbage skin care products that have toxins in them that shouldn't be placed on the body. Paying for natural or organic shaving (and skin) product is well worth the money and will dramatically reduce irritation and redness from shaving. In Canada, the Body Shop makes a great mens line of products (Click Here) to see. For my USA followers check out this Burt's Bees product that is awesome.

Always use a fresh sharp razor when shaving to ensure that you get a smooth shave. Once the blade becomes blunt it's harder on the skin and leads to more irritation. I think it's common knowledge to shave with the grain, but just in case it isn't i'll say it anyways. Rinsing the blade after each stroke is also a helpful tips you should be doing also to keep it clear of any obstructions that might impact the blade.

After You Shave 
It's always a good idea to use an aftershave to close the pores back up and make sure any little cuts will not become infected. Follow this up 5 minutes later with applying a healthy dosage of moisturizer over the shaved area to treat the skin.

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