Friday, 10 August 2012

Organize Your Day For Success

Life can be filled with ups and downs as we live our lives daily. It's not always the easiest thing to get up in the morning and get going towards your goals because we have other obligations that require our attention. The best way to find motivation daily is to set your alarm clock 10 minutes early and just think about what you have to do today. Create 3 lists in your mind or write it down on papper: Need to do, Should Do, Would Like to do. Let's look at each one individually

The Need To Do's are the list of things that you have no choice and must do in order to keep everything moving smoothly in your life. This could be as simple as cooking, workings, paying bills, or going to the bank. Place these first and make sure they are the first things that get done in your day. I'd also challenge you to place one task in here that will get you closer to your goals that you've set out for yourself. For some this might be going to the gym, as for others this could be doing research and learning a new skill.

The Should Do's are things that come second that you really should do today if you have the time. These are still important tasks but they come second to the other more important things in your life. If you plan your the day properly you should be able to complete all the need to do's and start working away at the should do's. This will keep you focused and make sure that you are doing real actions that take you closer to those dreams and goals.

As for the Would Like To Do's, these are things that if all goes well you would like to do in order to further your progress. Have extra time? start working on these tasks that will make you a better and more complete person.

As you start to do these tasks you'll check them off the list. If you don't get to accomplish the tasks on the Should Do list or the Would Like To Do list, the next day move them up one list. So if a task was on the Would like to do list, the following day make it a Should Do. If once again it does not become completed, move it up to the Need to Do. This way a task will be completed in a maximum of 3 days. This will ensure that you do the task and not push it off to a later date. Planning is important when you want to be successful. As humans in North America we waste so much time in our day. If we only put forth that little effort to convert 1 hour from lazy time to productive time we'd be able to do so much more.

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