Saturday, 11 August 2012

Muscle Building Salad With Amazing Taste!

Just because you are on a calorie restricted diet doesn't mean that the food you eat has to be boring. I'm always looking for ways to make a plain meal into something that will satisfy my tastebuds. On todays menu is a ground sirloin avocado salad that packs a punch.

8 Oz. Ground Sirloin
1 Medium Sized Avocado
4 Cups of Romain Lettuce
Dash of Chili Peppers
Dash of Cracked Black Pepper
Hot Sauce for dressing

Place all contents in a bowl and consume. The nice thing about this meal is that it combines high protein-high fat foods in a well balanced meal that will satisfy you and keep you trim. Low/no carb makes this great for a lunch or dinner meal when carbohydrates aren't needed to fuel your body. You don't need to include the spices or hot sauce but it'll help boost your metabolism.

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