Saturday, 7 July 2012

Straight To The Point: The Perfect Underwear

Something just feels right about that perfect pair of underwear that fits and hugs you just right. I'm not talking about the 5 year old sport briefs that are barely hanging on by a couple of threads that you just can't through away, i'm talking about a quality built pair of underwear that make you feel and look good.

Most people don't think about underwear as being something that should be research and tried when looking to make a purchase, but i'll tell you most of those guys still live at home and haven't had any action in months or years. Not only does the right pair of underwear give you the confidence on the inside to explore, but it also improves your chances of getting noticed. You must be thinking that most people don't see your underwear in public, but a recent article published in Mens Health stated that 4 out of 5 women will judge you by your underwear selection before getting into bed with you.

How to pick the perfect pair? First you need to focus on fit! The right fit is key as you want it to frame your package correctly and give you a full shaped back side. The cuts and angles used by the different designers will portray your features differently, so finding what looks good on you is important. Secondly, you want to select a colour that'll allow you to be seen. Darker colours such a black and other dark shades will hide detail and make things less noticeable. For some people this might be a good thing, but for the rest of us that want to show off what we've got staying with a lighter shade is better. Not sure if you've noticed but the white briefs are back in style now! Thirdly, after you've found the the right design and colour, make sure the brand represents what you want to be seen as. The branding of that company says something about you so make sure you understand what the company is trying to do. Are you a Nasty Pig kind of guy? Or are you a Sweat kind of guy? Both companies have completely different ways of promoting and they market to different clientele.

I just have to end by saying the fun part of the night starts with your clothing off, so having the right pair of underwear will improve your chances, but in the end you need to look fit and sexy to get a second call.

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