Sunday, 22 July 2012

Champions Make Life About Winning

When you look at any person in any sport that has achieved the level of success to call themselves a champion you can't help but admire their personal sacrifice. For years upon years they've dedicated their entire life to be able to call themselves #1 and everything becomes worth it the moment their hand becomes raised to signify victory.

If you look closer at that individuals life you see that they have optimized every area of their life towards maximizing their chances of achieving greatness. It's easy to see the hours of training they put in day after day, but people don't always see the dark side of things. The social norms that they don't take part in because it doesn't fit into their plan of achieving their goals is just one example. When do you think the last time Kobe Bryant ate at McDonalds or had a chinese buffet? I'm willing to bet you it's been over a decade maybe even 2 for an athlete of his calibre. The sacrifices of not going out to events or clubbing also come into play as the athlete needs to rest to repair and grow. These are all small things that will separate a winner from a loser.

To further that point is the mind to action process that also plays an integral role in determining how well an athlete performs. Ask Jay Cutler how many times he visualized in his mind winning the Mr. Olympia competition and he'll tell you hundreds. Not only did he say he was going to be the best bodybuilder in the world but rather he put those thoughts in his mind as they governed his actions for years. You truly have to see yourself becoming successful to become successful. Mental preparation is what makes or breaks your performance and no matter what sport you play it's a super power that can take you over the top.

In the end after reading this article I hope you see that achieving greatness in anything in life takes a full life commitment beyond training. It takes on a lifestyle and mind frame of success that will allow you to become successful at whatever you dreams. One Life! One Chance! The outcome is up to you!

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