Sunday, 15 July 2012

5 Tips To Improve Workout Intensity

1) Eat a fruit 30 minutes before hitting the gym. An apples or orange will provide you with a boost of energy that will allow you to have more power during your workout. Try it and you'll notice a difference.

2) Listen To Music -Connect your mind to your iPod and listen to the music as you lift. The tempo of the song will set the pace for your lifts and you'll find yourself more in tune with your mind.

3) Focus -Really think about the lift that you will do and how it'll feel before you do that lift. Don't chat it up or check email on your phone. Stay in the zone and keep your attention on the work at hand.

4) Drop sets at the end of each muscle group worked -Using drop sets will allow you to bring the muscle being worked closer to failure than any single set will ever do. A triple drop set seems to be the most common but if you can endure the pain of a 4th you'll be that much better.

5) Be cocky in your mind -The important part is "in your mind" as you want to think that you are the man and you can run this town. Having that positive attitude about yourself will raise your self confidence and make you a believer. This mind frame will give you the courage and willpower to push your limits in the gym. It's also important to keep it inside as you'll look like a D-Bag if you start acting like it on the outside.

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