Sunday, 24 June 2012

Sunday Should Be Re-Named "Planning Day"

It's Sunday morning and for most people its a pause to recover from the previous week that pasted. As you know it's the first day of the week, so it shouldn't be the day to recover but rather the day to plan and get ahead on the weeks tasks. I've always been big on planning and doing what you can now so that it's less of a burden later on in the week. We have this great gift of a day called Sunday that people have low expectations of things to get down. This is the optimal time to set the proper pace for the week to come.

Starting out with a great breakfast is always the  best way to get things rolling and your new found energy source will help guide your motivation throughout the day to accomplish things. I started this morning off with a bowl of what I like to call chocolate power oats and a nice big egg white omelet. Those are the images posted above and wake myself up early so that I can start feeding my face sooner. (LOL)

Now with the entire day in front of you what are you going to do about it? Your sitting on your computer randomly surfing the web and looking at the funny images people took at the bar last night, like i said catching up on last week. It's such a shame to be looking backwards at the week that was because it's taking away from the week that will come. You can be cooking up your meals in advance for the week. Planning out your training schedule, washing clothing, ext. This is the day to plan your attack in your career and what you'll do on what day. This should be called a "planning" day. Myself its about setting up the events and commitments that I have for the week. Just start! get off the computer and start doing something that is positive that will help you out tomorrow and Tuesday. This will give you a positive thought process that your moving forward and you'll be less stressed when the workday comes.

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