Friday, 8 June 2012

Product Review: Grenade Thermo Detonator 9/10

It's official! Grenade has declared a war on fat because they've formulated a product that truly backs up that claim. Whenever you look at a thermogenic fat burner you have to take into consideration what is in the product and at what levels. There are only 6 ingredients in this product that are all responsible for a particular purpose in the fat loss cycle; green tea, Bitter Orange Peel, Caffeine, Cayenne, Phenylalanine, and Green Coffee.

The first thing that you'll notice when taking this product is the mental awareness that you'll gain from the high amount of caffeine in the product. This is a good thing as you'll be able to perform better during exercise. Secondly, you'll find that you'll start to sweat much sooner as your body temperature will increase from this product. This is also a good thing as it is a sign of a quicker metabolism which will help you burn more calories.

Quality: I've now used this product for 2 cycles and i've seen great results both times. Made from natural and simple ingredients, this product delivers what it says it'll do for you. The company claims that it's one of the fastest growing fat burners on the market worldwide and i can see why because of the positive results. 9/10

Fat Burning Potential: Once i used this product during a bulking period with a high calorie diet of over 5000 calories daily. This product helped me maintain my weight and the weight I put on was quality muscle. It's important to understand that when you take a product like this, it's not only going to work for the moment that you take it, rather it will effect how your body utilizes and stores fat for the entire day. The second time I used it was during a cutting phase and I was able to rip up nicely. 9/10

Overall: One of the best fat burners that i've tried and will certainly be using it again in the coming months as I prepare for the UFE Pro Show. 9/10

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