Thursday, 28 June 2012

The Brotherhood Success Factor

The image above reminds me of the good times that I had training MMA in North Bay, Canada. A group of random guys with one main focus to make each other better. We trained out of a karate gym with little supervision and direction from a real coach but that didn't stop us from taking fight and competing in provincial tournaments. Not only did we enter, but often took home medals and trophies for placing within our respective divisions. This just goes to show you that it's not all about the coaching and fancy training gyms. We did it with heart and a good of guys that pushed each other everyday to become better. Anyone that's played a team sport will know what i'm talking about in terms of bonding with someone else towards a common greater goal. As we get older in life and no longer play in that same competitive environment, the less likely we are to have people around us pushing for the same goals. If you can find someone like that to workout with please make the most of it. If you have a loved one that wants the same career goals as you do, cherish that blessing and make sure he/she knows. These relationships will help you get to the places you want to go and make you a better person. It's an intangible factor that so valuable that you can't put a price on it.

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