Sunday, 20 May 2012

Softer Side Of Me The Internet Doesn't Get To See

I figure that i'd right this posting because i've been getting a lot of comments that i'm a very strict business oriented guy that can't have fun. For the people that know me personally they'll tell you that i'm one of the most easy going and happy people around. I work hard but always have a smile on my face. Even if you catch me between sets at the gym, i'll be smiling away and enjoying life. I might come off as this very strict guy online as I talk about fitness, but i believe that it's just my passion and dedication to helping people achieve their dreams that make me come off that way.

For the most part, I'm always in a good mood and i'm one of those people that you really have to piss off to get me upset. I try to always touch people on a different level and leave them with a memorable feeling after they leave. It's just me and I think i'm as real as they come. This small town Northern boy is still entrenched with those grass roots as I interact in the city setting. It's almost awkward to be talking about myself in this post as I normally let my actions speak for themselves. Let's hope i'll be able to meet you one day and you'll see the real life me :) Enjoy the smile

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