Monday, 7 May 2012

Quest For Pro Show Success

After qualifying in the morning of Nov. 12, 2012 to compete in the UFE Pro Show that night, I had little time to change anything from my morning appearance. I was in a spot that I had to compete in the Pro Show to be able to hold my pro status with the organization. It's a great accomplishment for me to be able to go from entry level to Pro status in 3 shows with UFE. I know that's something I can be proud of on it's own, but for me it's only the beginning. My Pro debut i finished 5th and I wasn't happy about it to say the least. That was a very hard night for me and long drive home even with the venue only being an hour away from my place. I knew that all the things that I could control I did perfectly. My posing was perfect, my appearance and stage presence was spot on, but there was only one issue and that was overall muscle development and muscle maturity. I was told that before the show, but with 5 hours between shows, I couldn't do a thing to change that.

The very next day I took off from the gym to refocus on what I really wanted to do with myself and search my soul for how i can reach my dreams. I hit the gym the next day with a plan to put on overall size and develop a true Pro Quality physique that would be eligible to win a Pro Show. Sitting here 5 months later with no off season and hours upon hours working hard every single day in the gym, i'm that much closer. I eat, sleep, and train with passion and i'm so motivated to make this happen. Currently i'm walking around at 193 pounds wake up and go up to 198 during the day. That's 21 pounds heavier than I was on stage for my Pro debut. Still relatively lean at around 11% body fat and a considerable amount of muscle development completed. If I posted an image of my body without a head people wouldn't know it was me, it's been a dramatic change.

Each day is full focus on training the body to become better. I wake up hungry, i train like the craziest guy in the gym, i eat the equivalent of a family of 3. Nobody is going to out work me, this is my dream and nobody is going to tell me I can't get it. 6 months out now and i'm in such better shape than I was a year ago at this time. My workouts are even more intense, and my drive is sky high. Each day the workouts are better and better. I'm jumping out of my skin writing this post. I want it so bad I can taste it. This is a journey that I couldn't do alone, I have many people that support me and push me to become better. Everyone from my trainer Jason Green, to family support, to sponsors Sweat Collection for keeping me dressed sharp, to my latest sponsor ISO XP Protein for fueling my protein needs. Without these people it would be so much harder for me to be able to go after my dreams. I'm not selling out, I don't post about these brands because they only support me, I post about these brands because I believe in their products, I use their products, and I think they are some of the best products on the market. Athletes need sponsors to afford to be able to follow their dreams, and for this i'd like to thank every single person that has supported me in this journey from sponsors to facebook friends. You are all important to me. This is only the start, I promise you I will not disappoint you! The Top Prize is what I have my eye set on and i'm not going to stop until I reach it.   

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