Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Best Ways To Get Quality Protein When Traveling

One of the hardest things to find when traveling is quality lean protein sources that will full your body during your travels. Most fast food places serve manufactures junk that they call meat, sandwich in the airport only have a small amount of meat in them. So what do you do to get quality protein portions throughout your travels? The hardest thing is during air travel because of the restricted areas forcing you to eat what is in the terminal. Plus the limitations on what you can bring with you is  slim with no liquids or gels. You can however bring food for personal consumption! This is great because you can pack chicken breast, mountain high sandwiches, and other convenient forms of protein, but of course you can only carry so much food.

The best option is honestly protein powder because it can be made instantly and carried easily. Most people aren't going to haul a 2 LB container of protein with them, so your next best bet is to call the manufacture and ask to purchase sample packs. This is very easy to do by simply telling them what you are doing (Traveling) and they will often ship you sample packs. The price might be slightly higher because of the individual packaging but it's so worth it. They are sealed and labeled so you don't have to worry about customs of security wondering what the powders are in individual zip-lock bags.

Another great way to get quality protein is to look towards meal replacement protein bars. Once again these are very easy to carry and come in a wide range of products. With 100's of different bars on the market, look for one that is higher in protein and lower in carbs for traveling. You wont be doing a large amount of exercise, so you really don't need the extra carbs in the bars. Some that I really like are Promax Bars.. They come in both full flavor and light and have a great nutritional makeup. They can be found in alomst any nutritional store in Canada or the USA. Hint: Chocolate Mint is amazing! You honestly can't go wrong with any flavors of the Promax line.    

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