Thursday, 26 April 2012

How to Look Your Best For A Photo Shoot

Congratulations it's shoot day! All of your hard work is going to be put on display and captured for people to see for many more years to come. It can be a very exciting time as you realize the opportunity that is in front of you. This could be the shoot that lands you on the cover of a magazine, or a supplement sponsorship, but guess what? That will come later if you nail the shoot, it's all for nothing if you don't go into that shoot at your best and give your best effort to make memorable images. After the shoot is completed, the photos are edited, at that point it's time to focus on what they'll be used for. The moment is now! here's somethings to think about to make sure you are fit, firm, and tight going into your shoot.

Pack 24 Hours Before the Shoot
 Pack everything that you will need for the shoot 24 hours in advance. This way you'll be able to relax and not worry about forgetting anything at the last minute. Make sure you bring clean outfits, accessories, and any props that you'll need.
Diet Day of the Shoot
The first thing that you want to do when you wake up the morning of the shoot is to get a good meal in you comprised of both quality protein and complex carbohydrates. (Oatmeal Pancake is a good one) This will help fill out your muscles and keep your blood sugars up. Once you start shooting, it might be 3-5 hours later before you get a chance to eat again. This solid meal in the morning will also give you energy for the shoot so that you have life to you. Depending on the time of your shoot, you'll want to eat small meals every 2-3 hours afterwords to stay full and keep your energy levels high. The best option at this point is to eat a chicken salad or white fish and veggie. Something that will fill you up, but not overfill you to the point that it'll show in your mid-section. 

30 Minutes Before you Shoot
If you are well conditioned and in shape for the shoot, you might be looking a little flat and lean at this point, if this is the case, I recommend that you eat some simple carbs and fats to fill you out quickly. Rice cakes with peanut butter and honey on them are a great choice. You can also drink 6oz. of red wine at this point to make you even more vascular. If wine isn't your thing, take a pre-workout nitric oxide drink to give you the same effect. Note: make sure it's a pre-workout that you take normally and that your body can handle, this isn't the time to try out a new product. Some of these products might make your look "redish" from the increased blood to the surface, so make sure in advance that it doesn't effect your skin color.

Training Day Of The Shoot
Chances are that you will not have time to get a full workout in before the shoot. To be honest, you'll only hold that pump for 20-30 minutes after the shoot anyways, so the best thing to do is bring a pair of dumbbells or band with you to the shoot. As the photographer is setting up for the shoot, you begin your prep to get ready. Start by doing exercises like pushups, dumbbell curls, standing shoulder press with the dumbbells, ext.. Exercises that you can do with the equipment that you have with you. This combination of the simple carbs from the honey and the wine will have you vascular and full.  

Let Everyone Else Do Their Jobs
You are the model and that should be all that your worried about at this point. The photographer is in charge of capturing the images, let him shoot. The make-up artist is in charge of the skin, let her make you look perfect. For women, the hairdresser will take care of your hair and make sure it's looking good. You don't worry about how it looks, she'll be watching the entire time to make sure it's perfect. If there's an assistant, they'll do their thing. You focus on you.. that's it, that's all. 

Bring You To The Shoot
Make sure that you bring yourself to the shoot, don't try and be someone else because to be honest, the photographer would just call that person up to shoot them instead of you. They want to shoot you for you and not you pretending to be someone else. You have your own unique qualities that you bring to the table so make sure that you let them shine. Be focused and determined, but most importantly make sure to have fun and enjoy the moment. 

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