Thursday, 15 March 2012

Build Stronger Forearms to Improve Your Overall Strength

The classic Popeye is best known for his massive forearms and now you can be too! The forearm muscle group is made up of many small muscle that help you with the movement of your wrist, hand, and fingers as you hold on and move around. By working these groups of muscles, you'll be able to hold on to heavier weight when attempting to lift heavier during chest and back exercises. Since they are smaller than muscles such as your lats or pecs, these often limit you in how heavy you can lift because your forearms reach failure first. Plus whenever you wear a t-shirt, you want to get noticed.

I say that you should load up with heavy resistance when training your forearms and aim for a rep range of 12-15. This will allow you to truly work the targeted muscle group and focus the muscles to fail in a range that will active the most muscle fibers possible.

Sample Forearm Workout:
Reverse Grip Cramp-bar curls   3 Sets (12-15 Reps)
Seated Forearm Curls 3 Sets (12-15 Reps)
Behind the back barbell curls 3 Sets (12-15 Reps)
**If machine is available sub in Gripper Machine instead of Behind the back curls for 3 sets**

Keep in mind that you can add this workout on to the end of any other workout to hit the forearms. The muscle group is small and to avoid over training 9-12 sets max are recommended per workout.

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