Friday, 10 February 2012

Why hire a Personal Trainer? Tal Thompson, co-owner Sweat Collection

Personal trainers are expert body transformation specialist. Artists, if you will. They learn and master the art of exercise, strength training, eating and recovery methods to bring about desired physical change in an effective, safe and effective way.
Why did I decide to hire a personal trainer? Well, in my case, I had hit a plateau. That plateau was partly caused by boredom in the weight room and partly caused by the lack of knowledge to take my goals and abilities to a new level. Being one of the owners of a fitness apparel company, Sweat Collection, is also a huge motivator as I must follow our companies philosophy of a fit lifestyle. I am also constantly judging models on their physics and it is my duty to understand the commitment it takes to acquire a top notch physical form.   
Personal trainers not only ensure a safe and effective program, they provide motivation and support for your positive lifestyle changes. This may also include nutrition and sleep. A good personal trainer will ensure each workout is interesting, progressive and fun. I sought out the best in the field and that lead me to the trainers at Weights101. Their philosophy and spirit matched mine.
When someone hires a personal trainer; they should have a goal in mind. There is some kind of positive physical change required. This change is not easy and takes considerable dedication and work.
The trainers at Weights101 expect their clients to give it their all and they will push you to your limits. Trust me I have left more sweat on their gym floor than anywhere else. 
When a personal trainer takes on a client, they view the relationship as a joint responsibility in achieving the client’s goals. The personal trainer takes on a percentage of the commitment by providing the tools and motivation. The client does their part by showing up, willing and ready to work hard!  I say that with an exclamation point as just showing up to the gym session is not enough. You must be prepared for hard work.
A helpful hint is to visualize your outcome when starting a workout program. If you want ripped abs then keep that image in your head. Share this with your personal trainer, who will keep your momentum going until the outcome is achieved. The clearer you are about what you are striving for, the better able you and your trainer will be to achieve results. The sweat he/she puts you through will be worth it.
One of the reasons people flop at achieving results on their own is lack of motivation. They fall short of following through and do not work out to their potential limits each and every time they hit the gym.  A personal trainer offers a plan for success.
Above all, when you hire a personal trainer, my best advice is to leave any outside negativity that may be going on in your life at the door.  You don’t need that in the gym. Be positive and do not let fear of a hard workout scare you. You are paying your trainer for a reason. The trainer will help you get the results and motivation to ultimately achieve your goals.  The artist needs a willing canvass and you are that canvass.

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