Monday, 13 February 2012

How To Get Bigger Biceps

5 Tips for Bigger Biceps

Everyone shirt ripping biceps that have you primed for a gun show. Next time you workout your arms keep these muscle building tips in mind when focusing on building those weapons of mass attention!

#1 Build a strong mind-to-muscle connection! Really focus on the bicep you are curling and squeeze at the top for a long second. This will recruit more muscle fibers.

# 2 Slow Down! Reduce the swinging motion of you upper arm and keep arms tight to your sides. The longer the muscle is under stress, the more you'll stimulate the muscle being worked.

# 3 Change your grip! Hold the dumbbell in the middle for a set, followed by a set holding it off to the side when your thumb is almost touching weight on the side. After do a set with your pinky finger almost touching the weight. This will cause an unbalanced dumbbell which will work your stabilizer muscles in your arm.

# 4 Stimulate don't alienate! Your biceps only make up about 3% of your total muscle mass and are small muscles. A bicep workout should have between 12-15 sets max!

# 5 Hit them twice a week with at least 2 full days of recovery in between.

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