Thursday, 10 November 2011

Build a Better Peak

Here are 4 tips on how you can increase the mountains on your arms and wear a tank top with pride!
     1)  Form is Everything: Let the motion of your curls be wide and sweeping as you go through the motion with no swinging or movement in the elbow. Keeping your elbow still will place the most tension on your bicep and prevent other muscle groups from aiding in the curl.
     2) Flex at the Top:  The top of the curl is the most important and you should squeeze the bicep to trigger those muscle fibers. Note this is not a resting point, keeping that tension on the bicep will deliver better results from each rep.
     3) Mix your Grip: Use close grip, wide grip, and neutral grip in your curls to hit different muscle fibers and keep your biceps guessing.
     4) Do Not Cheat: Your muscles don’t count reps, they don’t know how much weight you are lifting, they simple respond and react to the resistance that you place upon them according. Make each   rep full and proper to gain overall size      

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