Thursday, 7 August 2014

Product Review: Inner Armour Training Peak

If you are a serious athlete you need to take the time to source out a quality multivitamin that is designed for athletes. I've has a great experience with a number of other Inner Armour products so i figured that I would give this product a try after my previous multivitamin is now discontinued. Great profile to this product with a good amount of quality ingredients.

What's inside the box:
Thousands of vitamins, minerals, co-factors, amino acids, and omegas. Overall a quality pack that has been proven to reduce soreness in athletes and aid in recovery. An added bonus is the XL tshirt that comes free inside every container.

In terms of value i'd say this is one of the best value products that you'll find in the vitamin category. Retailing in the low to mid $40's for a 30 day supply you'll be happy you picked up this product as you'll feel a difference within the 30 days.

When to use it:
They say to have it with the biggest meal of the day. In terms of what i found to be most effective is taking it with breakfast to start the day off right!

I will definitely continue to use this product as i'm onto my second container now. Great addition to my supplement stack and i'd recommend you try it out for yourself! 8/10

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