Sunday, 2 September 2012

Urban Warriors Take It Outdoors This Long Weekend

This is the final weekend of the summer and you'll never find a better time to get outdoors for a workout. Gym hours are reduced during the holiday weekend which is an even better reason to take it outside. You have all fall and winter to train indoor, so make this the time you enjoy the environment around you as you get your sweat on.

Activities you can do in the park
1. Take a Jog -Jogging at a medium pace will get you warm and allow you to see a wide variety settings in a short period of time. 

2. Plyo Drills -Plyo drills can be done in the park with little or no equipment needed. Doing multiple bodyweight exercises back to back will allow you to keep the burn on longer.

3. Sprints -Sprinting is a great way to activate fast twitching muscle fibres and boost fat burning potential through the roof.

4. Yoga -Good stretch and mental training. Being able to connect better with your body will allow you to have better control.

5. Bike Riding -Go for a bike ride and make a morning of it! Nice way to travel a distance with moderate paced exercise.

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