Sunday, 5 August 2012

Don't Just Be Another Face In The Crowd

For some reason people in our society always strive to fit in and be part of the crowd around them. Not only is this sad but it's also a waste of a life that could be. I see it daily that people hold themselves back without letting it all out because they are afraid to standout and be different. Let me ask you a question, the last event you attended who do you remember outside of the people you went with? Most likely the answer will be "nobody" or it'll be someone that was "standing out" for being different. It could have been someone with blue hair, ripped jeans, low cut tops, or just expressive in their actions. These people are the ones that you remember and want to talk about later. That's the same reason why Michael Jackson or Lady Gaga are so big! They strived to be themselves and do what they want in their own weird way. People love it, people talk about it, and it's allowed them to rise to the top as some of the most popular entertainers of the past 2 decades.  

If you want to be a maverick and leave your own mark on the world you need to be different. You need to be yourself and standout from the rest in society. For each person that will be different and the desired outcome will be different. That's perfectly fine because it's uniquely your own journey. I can't give you any direction or tell you what to do because that would be me telling you my dreams. It's just one of those things that you need to start with the desire to do and allow your actions to guide you towards that direction. Simply start, do something and get your feet going. You can always figure things out on the fly and make changes as you go. Live with Passion and Make this the best life

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