Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Whey Isolate Protein Is A Complete Protein

Recently i've been receiving a number of emails regarding whey isolate and why i'm taking it over other forms of protein powders. The easiest answer is to say because of its quick absorbing principles that accompany it as it provides your muscles with the protein supply that it needs to repair itself. That's only the start of why whey isolate proteins are my desired choice when selecting a protein powder. Lets take a quick second to understand where whey starts. It's a byproduct of making cheese and as it's pasteurized the none protein elements are removed. According to the National Dairy Council, whey isolate has the highest protein content and little, if any fats or carbohydrates. The whey is dried and what you are left with is as pure of protein supply that you can possibly get. Whey is also a completed protein meaning that it has all the amino acids that your body requires to metabolize it. It's also high in BCAA which unlike other amino acids promote muscle growth because they are metabolized directly into the muscle tissue. No other protein can deliver this type of makeup and for that reason it's my protein source of choice when selecting a protein to consume both as a meal replacement as well as post workout shake.

Now that you know the source and make up of whey isolate, it's time to find a protein powder that is made from pure isolate. This can be harder to find than you think if you don't know what your looking for. Because of the high cost of an isolate, most products are blends on multiple proteins to reduce the overall cost of the product. To find out what type of protein a product has, you must read the label to find out the ingredients. The protein most prominent will be listed first, followed by the remaining proteins as they relate to the quantity included. You will pay for a quality protein, but the benefits far exceed the extra cost when it comes to selecting an isolate over a concentrate or a blend. If you've followed my blog, you already know that ISO XP protein is my protein of choice because it uses exclusively whey isolate. Per 55 gram serving, you get 50 grams of pure whey isolate.    

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