Friday, 20 April 2012

Realizing Your Dreams

All of us dream about the lives we want to have and the people that we want in it, and for most of us, it's really not that far away to attain those dreams and make them a reality. The power and control that we have as humans is far greater than we understand and our ability to control the circumstance around us is within our reach. First you must act, by taking action you set out the proper platform for how you want your life to take shape. That's important in so many ways because an idea in your mind is intangible or not real, but once you act upon it and start doing the real life actions that are required, that's when it becomes reality (or real). You are living in that moment and that moment is now. That's as real as it gets in life, the present time when you are living, breathing, and feeling whats truly going on in your life as you take control of your own destiny.

Don't get me wrong, it's important to reflect on what yesterday was and what happened, but it's even more important to come to a conclusion in your mind about what happened, learn from both the positives and negatives, and write the final chapter of the event/action in your mind so that you can continue on with the next great novel in your life. Knowledge is power and you only grow as a person if you truly take in those situations that your placed in and learn from them as you move on throughout your life.

Back to the now, as you live your life today and think about the things that you want in the future, it's important to have a plan of action that will allow you to get to your dreams. The equation of actions = goals = dreams is something that i've always believed in. As you start, which is most often the hardest part for people, but starting to take action or control of your life as you channel your energy towards your goals will get you closer to your dreams. Don't try and capture your dreams in one day, it's not going to happen, but if you place a series of goals along the way that will lead you to your dream, that is how you'll become successful. Those smaller steps will keep you focused and motivated as you go throughout your day to day life. Each goal that you achieve is a moment of celebration and something that will bring you joy. It's important to understand that you want to feel and live your life through the entire journey and not just at the start and end. Start small and build as you put in the effort day after day you'll see how a big goal is becoming smaller and smaller. Taking those daily steps add up fast no matter what they are and soon enough you'll have something tangible to show for it. Ask yourself the question, "How much time to I waste in a day?". Most people waste a lot of time in a day doing things that they shouldn't, sitting on the couch watching tv, napping, ext., but what about taking 1 hour of your day and using it to get you closer to your dreams? If its a body transformation (Lose 20 pounds, Get 6 Pack Abs), if you put in 1 hour a day towards that, i'm telling you that in a years time after putting in 365 hours that you'll be much closer to that goal and much happier about yourself. The daily commitment doesn't have to be large, but overtime as you continue dedicating time to it you'll see the results. I just used one example that fits with the theme of this blog, but it could be any goal or dream that you wish to achieve for yourself.

The image that i placed with this posting is one that holds a lot of value to me and it doesn't look like a lot. I've held onto this picture now for 8 months without posting it and simply kept it to myself, but for me it symbolism love, heart, determination, persistence, and overcoming adversity. It was taking at a local high school in Kentucky about 4 weeks before my first competition. To simply leave home that close to a contest is nuts, but i needed to follow my heart which took me to the Tri-State  area of (Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana). With the determination to continue with my fitness goals to be prepared to get on stage, it brought me to this track for running spirits and drills. After landing 5 hours late on my delayed flight, I was at an airport alone because of the heavy thunderstorms and tornadoes in the area. Checking into a hotel, waiting for the weather to clear after being up since 4 AM, i found a break in the weather and took off to run on this track. It was a clearing in the sky for me that allowed me to run and do that work that is needed, but most importantly was that the sky showed me that tomorrow was going to be bright. The image itself with the stadium stands in the front represent the spectators or the people that watch, the track and the fields are for the people that play. What do you want to be? Do you want to be the one controlling your life or the one watching it? 

Make your daily actions count towards the goals you want to achieve. Once you raise the goal start to focus on the next one, and soon enough you'll be living the life you've always wanted. Stay focused and life with passion!      

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