Thursday, 12 April 2012

Being A Positive Role Model Is Easier Than You Think

I'm a firm believer in that people come into our lives for certain purposes and the interactions that we have together shape our futures as individuals. People come into our lives to push us and help us achieve all of our dreams and desires, just think about two or three people that have come into your life and how they changed you for the better? I bet you those people never had the understanding that they'd help you succeed and become all that you could be. Most people never reach their full potential in life without having others believe in them. If you're reading this blog i'm certain that you are a person of great skill and someone that truly cares about themselves as well as others. You can impact someones life by being a positive role model in everything that you do. You're always being watched and observed in your daily life by others and making sure you set the proper tone for yourself is important.

The gifts that you've been given are for your blessings, but they can also impact others in a significant way and there's no better feeling than impacting someones life. You'd be surprised to  know how little effort you have to put out to make a difference. Even this blog that I write, i often get messages from people thanking me for enriching their knowledge and bringing different philosophies into their fitness routines. I've never looked for any recognition for it, but I know that people value it. Something as simple as doing an exercise properly at the gym when someone else is watching, once you leave the area they try to do the same exercise, so something for yourself has an impact on others. Listening to people, taking the time to respond to the best of your ability, and just going that extra mile to lead a hand is so worth it.

The biggest thing to remember is that others gave you the time and dedication to believe in you, now it's your time to give back, to stay positive, keeping their dreams alive as others did for you. Life is too short to only worry about yourself and it's a dark place alone. Open your eyes, open your hearts to others and you'll be surprised how rewarding it is.

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