Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Workout Music For Men (Canadian Flavor)

As you all know i'm very proud to be Canadian and love everything this great land has to offer. It just also happens to be the birthplace of so many incredible musicians that keep producing chart topping hits. Music and physical fitness go hand in hand as it allows us to gain a deeper train of thought as we focus on the task at hand. (Lifting Heavy Weights). Also when you're running the pace is set my the rhythm of the song. The fast the beats in the sing, the quicker you'll go. Turn up these Canadian favorites as you take your fitness to the next level

Hedley -Timeless powerful and emotional songs that will have you down and back up during each track. Some are fast, some are slow, but they'll keep you focused and have you motivated.

For the Nights I Can't remember (Listen)
Dying To Live Again
Old School
One Life (Listen)

Simple Plan - These onetime teenaged heartbreak pop-rockers have evolved in time to sing about real life issues and how to over come them. They are inspirational in their own right and placed together with a slightly harder tone makes them great to listen to in the gym.

Welcome to My Life (Listen) 
I'd Do Anything (Listen)
Addicted (Listen)

Stereos -The Toronto based band Stereos are trying to prove that they are more than a one hit wonder. Two years ago they hit onto the scene with their first album and captured the song of the summer with Summer Girls. If you don't have these guys in your headset i suggest that you take a listen,

Summer Girl (Listen)
She Only Likes Me When She's Drunk (Listen) 

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