Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Physique Killing Foods You Should Avoid

Coffee with Syrup, Creams, and Whipped Topping
The combination of sugar and fat is a physique killer because the simply sugar will spike insulin levels in the body prompting it to store energy as fat. The added calories you take in from these beverages can truly shock you ranging from 200 calories to 500 calories. A better alternative is to drink black coffee or tea with no additives. 

Carbonated soda is filled with sugar and sugar substitutes that will also raise insulin level that will promote your body to store fat. These are refereed to as empty calories because they have no nutritional value and will not satisfy your carvings and keep you full. Other alternatives to soda are water, fresh brewed iced tea, or water and lemons

White Breads
During the bleaching process all the nutrients are removed from the gain and you're left with empty calories. This also transfers the gain from a complex carbohydrate to a simply carbohydrate and is absorbed in your system quick consequently not keeping you as full for a prolonged period of time. Alternatives are whole gain breads, pitas, or nan 


Desserts, Cakes, Candy
Sugar, Sugar, and more sugar, Yes! they taste great, but they'll have you looking  like what you've just eaten. Zero nutritional value and in large quantities it can make you sick instantly. Alternatives dark chocolate, rice cakes, sugar free alternatives. Protein Powder   

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