Sunday, 15 January 2012

It's Simple, Eat 6-8 Meals a Day and be Fit

I'm sure all of you have heard that it's just as important when you eat as what you eat. This is very true and can be complex to understand but it honestly doesn't have to be. Your body wants to remain in a constant stable state with the proper balance of minerals, nutrients, and water. It also has short term memory and it will attempt to plan for future factors based off the previously environment that it just went through. This works for both food and water since food = energy source and water = proper hydration to function.

Starvation Mode
Whenever your body goes through a period of time that it doesn't have enough food to convert into energy, it will hold onto everything that you give it in the next feeding. This is your body rebounding and preparing to avoid the lack of energy from happening again. Your body will over-compensate to remain balanced. Same with water, if your body doesn't know when it'll get water next, it'll hold water, but if you provide it with plenty of water, it'll know that it's going to get an adequate supply and will not need to hold a reserve supply.

Eat often
It's true, the more often you eat the less your body will hold and the slimmer you'll look because it can let go of everything it doesn't need because it knows that it'll get a fresh supply of food again soon. Your bodies metabolism also gets kick started and you'll burn more calories by always having food in your stomach compared to only a couple times a day. Eating 6-8 meals a day is the optimal amount of meals you should be aiming to consume. By doing so, you'll be eating smaller meals more often and you have a less chance of over eating which can lead to your body storing the food as energy (as fat). Eat every 2-3 hours, plan ahead, and of course keep it clean

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