Wednesday, 18 January 2012

The Heart is the Most Powerful Weapon You Have

It's the classic example of the steak and sizzle with the steak being the core values and the sizzle being all the additions that don't really mean anything. Your heart is the "epicenter" of your world, it makes you who you are as a person. Everything that you do generated from the  heart is real and it will allow you to live with passion and desire. Everyone wants to be memorable and that comes from within (The intangibles you can't see). Having the perfect body, 6 pack abs, or a huge chest are the "sizzle" to life, they are things that don't make you any better of a person that the next (Unless you are a bodybuilder), but for the everyday person these things are just nice to have. What really makes a man is the person he is outside of the gym. Let's say you train 3 hours a day, those 3 hours are minimal compared to the 21 hours you spend outside of the gym. Those 21 hours are what really count and you'll be able to rest your head at night knowing you are in the right place if you take care of those hours. "Live With Passion"

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