Monday, 2 January 2012

Building Cow Calves Made Easy

When you think about your calves it's important understand that they are the equivalent to your forearms on your legs. Keeping that in mind you should train your calves on a separate day that is not a leg day. These are the smaller secondary muscles that accompany your quads and hams and are already being worked during the major leg lifting exercises. Here is a sample workout that i've used to build thickness to my calves.

*Depending on the weight you have placed on the machine will determine the number of reps, if you can exceed the reps outline below, continue till failure and increase the weight for the next set*  

Exercise                                     Sets        Reps        Rest
Leg Press Calf Raises                  6            15            1
(2 Warm up set increasing the weight closer to working weight, 4 working sets)
Seated Calf Raises                       4            10            1
Single Leg Standing Calf Raises    2            Failure      1
(Body weight only on the first step or elevation)

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