Saturday, 21 January 2012

Build a V-Taper Back with the V-Bar Row

Whenever you find yourself with limited gym equipment or the gym us overflowing with people as it typically is at this time of the year, one great back exercise to build that V-Taper to your back is the T-Bar Row. If you can get your hands on a standard Olympic Bar and a V shape handle, that's all you need.

The Setup
Place weight on one side of the Olympic barbell, place the other end of the bar on the floor and position it in a corner of the gym.

Standing over the bar nearest the weighted end if the bar, feet should be shoulder-width apart. Grab both sides of the v handle nearest the weight plate. Keep your back naturally arched and tight, and your knees slightly bent.

Keep your core tight, pull the bar toward your chest, squeezing your shoulder blades together at the top.
Hold for a for a quick 2 count, then slowly lower the bar back down till your arms reach full extension. Stop just short of allowing the weight to touch the floor

Place this exercise into your back routine to build thickness to your lats. Remember that closer the grip on the handles, the more you build thickness, the wider the grip means a greater focus on the width of the lat. Mix up the grip from week to week to hit different areas of the lat.

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