Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Bigger Quads Make You Look Good in Shorts!

Everyone knows that a killer set of quads make wearing shorts all that much better. If you aren't born as a freak of nature, it's time to be hitting them hard now so that you'll be able to develop them before the summer comes. Legs are big muscles that must be hit heavy and often to shock them into growth. Remember that "quad" means 4 and you must use a variety of exercise to target each part of the muscle. You can't isolate one particular part of the muscle, but you can put more stress on a particular section based off the angle of the exercise. I believe that one of the best exercises you can do to build overall quad mass is the leg press. Load it up heavy and push! 5 solid sets of 10 reps  (2 minute rest between) will have your legs pumping full of blood!

Sample Quad Focused Workout
Exercise         Sets      Reps        Rest
Squats             5          10            2 Min
(2 Warm up sets and 3 working sets)
Front Squat     3          10            2 Min
Leg Press        5          10            2 Min
Leg Extension  4          15            1 Min

As an added bonus for reading my blog.. i'll let you in on a secret! You'll want those legs to be in top space for the brand new Sweat Collection Swim Suit that will be launched Spring 2012. More details to come

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